Jerry Whitlock, The Fisherman

Jerry Whitlock has become a Lake Oconee (Eatonton, Georgia) expert. You will find Jerry and his wife, Rita, on the lake three or four days most weeks, where they live part-time. Jerry grew up fishing lakes, creeks and rivers with his father. They often stalked lunker bass in the farm ponds in Clayton and Fayette counties, and on Lake Jackson - where Jerry first learned to fish with crankbaits and plastic worms. Now he spends lots of time on Lake Oconee pursuing largemouth bass. He is always exploring the lake, looking for the hiding places of bass and testing new equipment and fishing techniques.

What is the largest fish I ever caught?

Nine anglers beat one shark
On their annual fishing trip to Pensacola, Florida, 10 members of the Harvest Baptist Church decided it might be fun to hook some sharks in the Gulf of Mexico.

Jerry Whitlock of Jonesboro said Scott Higgins, skipper of the Windy II, anchored his boat in the wee hours of morning, and a 150-pound shark was caught about 3 a.m. But the fun really begain at 5 a.m.

"He used a bloody bait, a 10- or 12-pound bonito," Whitlock said. "At 5 o'clock, the first mate set the hook in a 790-pound, 13-foot-long tiger shark, then handed the rod and reel to us. The fight lasted 2-1/2 hours. Nine different men fought the shark. It was like pulling on another boat."

Other church members in the group were Mike Roper, Herb Roper, Steve Singletary, Jerry Whitlock, Terry Neese, Joey Smith, Mark Logan, Bill Roberson and Reggie Preston.

"The captain had a .30 caliber carbine and shot the shark and tied it alongside the boat," Whitlock said. "This was a female tiger shark and gave birth to 10 or 12 little sharks while tied to the boat. The baby sharks looked like they might weight almost 15 pounds each."

Quoted from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Sunday, June 22, 1986

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